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Digital Factory 2010: Technologische Leistungsschau von internationalem Format

Software-Tools für die Produktentwicklung, Planung, Produktion und Services
Thema Visualisierung wird ausgebaut
Sonderschau RapidX wird in 2010 fortgeführt

Digital Factory, Leading Trade Fair for Integrated Processes and IT Solutions, will be presenting an overview of customized software tools for product development, planning, production and services from 19 to 23 April 2010.

As an integral part of HANNOVER MESSE, next year's Digital Factory is once again destined to be a major industry event for suppliers and users of industrial IT. The key display categories are Virtual Product Development (CAx), Product Lifecycle Management (PDM, PLM), Production and Process Planning (ERP, PPS), Manufacturing/Automation (MES), Process Integration, Order Processing and Technical Sales and Servicing.

Exhibitors at Digital Factory will be presenting solutions for product development and production and the further integration of business processes. Alongside the central themes of the show, the subject of visualization will be a special focus of interest in 2010. This is one more example of how Digital Factory is attuned to current developments in the world of digital manufacturing.

"As the Leading Trade Fair for Integrated Processes and IT Solutions, Digital Factory is a key driver of innovation and an agenda-setter for the industrial software industry. Cost-efficient software solutions are a top priority for businesses today - and they are looking to tomorrow's IT industry to deliver them. Digital Factory provides a professional setting where all the leading suppliers of IT for product development and production can meet their customers", says Wolfgang Pech, Senior Vice President of HANNOVER MESSE at Deutsche Messe AG.

With its focus on industrial software, Digital Factory forms an integral part of an international showcase for industrial technology in the digital age. Under the motto "More efficient - More innovative - More sustainable", the exhibitors at all nine flagship trade fairs that make up HANNOVER MESSE 2010 will be presenting the latest industrial trends, technologies and future-proof applications.

One of the keynote themes of this year's show will be the energy sector in all its different aspects, including the new trade fair MobiliTec, which addresses the topical issue of electromobility. A second brand-new trade fair, CoilTechnica, International Trade Fair for Coil Winding, Transformer and Electric Motor Manufacturing Technology, adds an important new dimension to the coverage of industrial subcontracting at HANNOVER MESSE. The remaining trade fairs staged next year under the HANNOVER MESSE brand name complete the spectrum of industries showcased at this international celebration of cutting-edge technology, reaffirming once again its status as the world's leading event of its kind.


Already an indispensable tool in the car industry, the modelling of products in 3-D has now established itself in the mechanical and plant engineering industry as well. The ability to represent product concepts in a visual form that is understood by all departments within a business - even by non-technical staff - is of critical importance for the commercial success of the new technologies.

In order to make abstract and hard-to-understand subject matter visible and comprehensible, the show devotes a special section to the subject of 3-D visualization. From marketing photos based on the CAD model to virtual reality and high-end applications - communication via digital models is the key to present-day collaboration in product development and production.

Special display RapidX

For the third time Digital Factory is presenting the special display RapidX at HANNOVER MESSE. The chosen theme for 2010 is "Composites in the process chain". The 3-D modelling of components made from fibre composites and their automated manufacture is a prerequisite, for example, for highly innovative products such as wind turbines. RapidX provides a live demonstration, set within the process chain, of the part played by modern technologies in opening up new possibilities in lightweight construction and energy efficiency.

MES Conference - back again in 2010

Following its excellent reception in 2009, the conference "MES - efficient production" is back again for 2010. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a key role in the digital interlinking of the production and management levels. Directing the flow of information within the company, they supply all departments and areas of operation with the data and analyses that businesses need in order to react quickly and optimize their processes in the interests of greater productivity and competitiveness. This is why MES has become an important tool to help businesses adjust to the current economic crisis and emerge from it in a stronger position.

Silke Tatge | Deutsche Messe
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