3rd Fraunhofer Life Science Symposium: Ischemia and Regeneration

The symposium represents an opportunity for renowned scientists and clinicians to present the results of their latest research in the newly constructed Fraunhofer-Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology facility.

The Life Science Symposium is held each year on a rotating topic of interest to the Fraunhofer IZI and offers a unique platform for in depth exploration of the state of the art in up and coming scientific fields. This year the institute is organizing the symposium anew on the topic of Ischemia and Regeneration and is proud to welcome speakers, industrial exhibitors and participants in this modern venue.

Strokes and myocardial infarction are among the most frequent causes of death in industrial nations. Although acute treatment may be initially successful, in many cases patients struggle with long lasting secondary damage.

Thus the regeneration of ischemic diseases through innovative therapies constitutes an important and urgently required type of treatment. The scientific content of this symposium will therefore explore the issue of therapy in cardiac infarction, stroke and circulation disorders considering in particular the use of stem cells. Additional topics to be examined within this year's symposium include imaging and process development in regeneration of ischemic diseases.

The symposium is accompanied by an industry exhibition in the bright and spacious atrium of the institute. The exhibition encourages the direct exchange between representatives from science as well as industry.

The submission of posters and abstracts is possible on http://www.fs-leipzig.com.

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