Method to Install Offshore Foundations


It is still a main problem in the offshore industry to install foundations that satisfy the acoustic limiting values set by the Federal Maritime and Hydro-graphic Agency (BSH). Current methods mainly focus on passive acoustic protection during ramming that do minimize the acoustic emissions but how-ever cannot reliably observe the acoustic limiting values. <br><br> Thus there is still a need for installation methods that are easy to handle, economic and fulfill the requirements made by the federal institutions. <br><br> <strong>Technology</strong><br> The currently developed installation method for offshore foundations can overcome the above mentioned problems from the state of the art and easily satisfy the acoustic limiting values set by BSH. <br><br> The main advantage of this method is that ramming – the main noise produc-ing installation step – is no longer necessary. With the proposed method the foundations are installed by flushing away the seabed below the foundation in a controlled way and use it for further stabilization of the foundation.<br><br> <strong>Benefits</strong> <ul> <li>Clearly lower acoustic emissions and thus satisfying the limiting values from the BSH</li> <li>Cheaper and faster than current installation methods </li> <li>Use of ferroconcrete as foundation material -> very well corrosion protection</li> <li>Use of standardized components, no customized products necessary</li> <li>Easy transportation of the foundation to the place of installation </li> </ul> <p><strong>IP Rights</strong><br> German Patent application filed in April 2012 <br> <br> <strong>Patent Owner</strong><br> Technische Universität Berlin

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