See FISBA’s Custom Laser Modules for Industrial and Life Sciences, the FISBA RGBeam™, at LASER World of PHOTONICS

The FISBA RGBeam™, which will be featured at LASER World of Photonics June 26-29, is a platform of customizable and compact laser modules delivering adjustable illumination across free space or through a single mode fiber.

The compact size and efficient coupling make it an excellent light source for use in industrial metrology, life sciences and other illumination applications. FISBA’s engineers customize and adapt the configuration to meet specialized requirements, making this light engine the optimum solution for a wide range of systems.

The FISBA RGBeam™ laser module usually incorporates three or more laser diodes of different wavelengths, e.g. 638 nm red, 520 nm green, and 450 nm blue. Laser diodes are easy controllable in power and allow high frequency modulation.

This enables nearly free color mixing of the module’s output up to perfect white. For the governmental funded project PICOLO, samples with free space collimated beam output have been integrated as the light source combined with a small MEMS mirror device made by Bosch Sensortec GmbH. The project successfully proves the concept and demand of pico-projection devices.

FISBA will also exhibit their FAC Lenses and SAC Lenses that are designed and manufactured in house. With these optical components, FISBA provides ready-to-use products for a wide range of customer-specific applications.

Discover more by visiting FISBA in Hall B1 Booth 506.


FISBA is a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components, systems and microsystems. We offer full service from initial feasibility studies and design, to serial production and assembly which has enabled FISBA to become one of the most innovative suppliers in the optics industry, as well as a trusted partner to our customers. FISBA operates at locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

Media Contact

Birgit Rauch, Head of Marketing Communication

Media Contact

Birgit Rauch FISBA AG

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