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New membrane technology to boost water purification and energy storage

Imperial College London scientists have created a new type of membrane that could improve water purification and battery energy storage efforts.

The new approach to ion exchange membrane design, which is published today in Nature Materials, uses low-cost plastic membranes with many tiny hydrophilic...

05.12.2019 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht

Ayahuasca compound changes brainwaves to vivid 'waking-dream' state

Scientists have peered inside the brain to show how taking DMT affects human consciousness by significantly altering the brain's electrical activity.

DMT (or dimethyltryptamine) is one of the main psychoactive constituents in ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew traditionally made from vines and leaves of the...

19.11.2019 | Medizin Gesundheit | nachricht Nachricht

'Poisoned arrowhead' used by warring bacteria could lead to new antibiotics

A weapon bacteria use to vanquish their competitors could be copied to create new forms of antibiotics, according to Imperial College London research.

Researchers have uncovered a novel weapon in the arsenal of bacteria that works in a similar way to common antibiotics.

02.10.2019 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht

Scientists discover 'switch' that helps breast cancer spread around the body

Researchers have unveiled clues into how breast cancer cells spread around the body

The early-stage research, led by scientists from Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, identified a genetic 'switch' in breast...

03.06.2019 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht

Draw-your-own electrodes set to speed up development of micro detection devices

Miniature devices for sensing biological molecules could be developed quicker thanks to a rapid prototyping method. Devices that sense and measure biological molecules important for healthcare, such as detecting diseases in blood samples, rely on electrodes to carry out their tasks.

New generations of these devices are being made that manipulate molecules or work with smaller concentrations of molecules, for example detecting rare cancer...

27.11.2018 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht

A 15-minute scan could help diagnose brain damage in newborns

A 15-minute scan could help diagnose brain damage in babies up to two years earlier than current methods.

In a study of over 200 babies at seven hospitals across the UK and the USA, researchers found the brain scan, called magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy,...

15.11.2018 | Medizintechnik | nachricht Nachricht

Just seven photons can act like billions

A system made of just a handful of particles acts just like larger systems, allowing scientists to study quantum behaviour more easily.

Most substances physicists study are made up of huge numbers of particles - so large that there is essentially no difference between the behavioural properties...

11.09.2018 | Physik Astronomie | nachricht Nachricht

New type of photosynthesis discovered

The discovery changes our understanding of the basic mechanism of photosynthesis and should rewrite the textbooks.

It will also tailor the way we hunt for alien life and provide insights into how we could engineer more efficient crops that take advantage of longer...

18.06.2018 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht

Mini tractor beams help arrange artificial cells into tissue structures

Researchers have used lasers to connect, arrange and merge artificial cells, paving the way for networks of artificial cells that act like tissues.

The team say that by altering artificial cell membranes they can now get the cells to stick together like 'stickle bricks' - allowing them to be arranged into...

14.05.2018 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht

Artificial and biological cells work together as mini chemical factories

Researchers have fused living and non-living cells for the first time in a way that allows them to work together, paving the way for new applications.

The system, created by a team from Imperial College London, encapsulates biological cells within an artificial cell. Using this, researchers can harness the...

14.03.2018 | Biowissenschaften Chemie | nachricht Nachricht
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