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Desertec Best Paper Award 2012 - Call for application is open

Dii, together with the Desertec University Network, will organize the Desertec Best Paper Award which rewards excellent academic work outstanding academic work in the renewable energy field.

Last year, the authors of the four top papers were invited to Dii's annual conference in Cairo where they received their awards and had the opportunity to present their work.


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Deadline: 08.10.2012
The Desertec Best Paper Award recognizes outstanding academic work related to the development of renewable energy in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Last year, more than fifty students and young researchers from this region applied for the award. The authors of the four top papers were invited to Dii's 2011 conference in Cairo where they received their awards and had the opportunity to present their work. Six further best authors received free entrance to the conference.

Do you wish to participate? Dii is happy to announce the opening of the call for paper for the Desertec Best Paper Award 2012. Please read the selection criteria carefully.

Who can apply

All students or young researchers studying/researching at a university or research center based in North Africa, the Middle East or Europe are invited to participate in the award, regardless of degree level. Students who have recently graduated, and whose paper has been written since 2009, are also eligible for the award. The paper can be related to a published article, a Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis, or an independent research.

Paper subject

The paper should ideally address one of the following topics:

• Financing large-scale renewable energy projects – what are the success factors? How to strengthen local financial markets in MENA?
• Regional cooperation in MENA countries – best practices and perspectives
• Regulatory challenges to cross-border transmission lines – how to address these challenges?
• Transmission lines – status of HVDC technology and perspectives, operational issues and aspects of meshed HVDC supergrids
• Connecting North Africa and the Middle East with Europe – how can an integrated EUMENA power system be achieved?
• Benefits of large-scale renewable energy projects and of an integrated system
• Public awareness and social acceptance of renewable energy in general
• Wind storm protection techniques
• Generation plant water consumption reduction techniques
• Papers addressing other Dii related topics will also be taken into consideration.

The award

The authors of the 4 best papers will receive free entrance to the 3rd Dii Desert Energy Conference from 7th - 9th of November 2012 in Berlin and all travel expenses will be covered. Furthermore, the winners´ papers will be published on the Dii website and they will also have the opportunity to present a brief summary of their work during the conference. A further 6 authors will receive free entrance to the conference.

The submission materials should include:
• Executive summary: 4 pages (Font: Arial 11), full version of the study should be available upon request
• Completed form with your contact data and name of your university/research center. You will find the submission form in attachment.
• Motivation letter: 1 page (Font: Arial 11) answering the following questions: Why is your work relevant for Desertec? Why do you want to participate/present your results at the conference?

• Your CV

Please submit your application in English, and in PDF form, no later than 8th October 2012 to Noëlie Vegas (vegas(at), Tel: +49 89 340 77 05 82).
Source: Dii GmbH
Editing: 13.09.2012 by Noelie Vegas, Dii GmbH

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