Cardio Perfect ST-2001 for Windows

The Cardio Perfect PC based 12 lead Stress Test system was first introduced in 1993. Just like the resting ECG, current software versions are based on years of experience and customer feedback. Keeping in mind that the Cardio Perfect Stress Test system is used by university hospitals, sports medicine physicians, private cardiologists, clinical physiologists, occupational health doctors and many others, we do claim to have the most versatile PC based stress test system.

One of the main advantages of the Cardio Perfect is the ability to store the complete 12 lead stress test just like a full disclosure holter recording.

The system consists of an ECG recorder, fibre optic cable, interface card ( PCI card, PCMCIA-card or USB Interface) and an accompanying software package. Together with a standard computer and printer a highly versatile ECG system is created. The 12 ECG leads are recorded simultaneously and stored in a database for further processing. ECGs can be shown in different formats, can be compared on screen with previously recorded ECGs and can be printed in different formats on normal white paper at any time.

During the test sets of 3, 6 or 12 leads are shown in real time on the computer monitor. Each 15 seconds an ‘average’ complex is calculated, using a Cardio Control algorithm, which will be displayed over the initial reference average complex, showing you immediately which changes have occurred. ST and ST slope measurements are made for each average. ST measurements can be toggled while recording between J, J+20ms, J+40ms, J+60ms, J+80ms and J Dynamic (Heart Rate dependent), allowing you to adapt the measurements to the patient. Scrolling back in the recorded ECG while your real time monitor keeps on running is also possible, allowing you to confirm observations immediately and then print them.

The Cardio Perfect ST-2001 software allows you to print pre-selected parts of the ECG recording while recording the data, or to print during reviewing the ECG recording on your screen. A special print protocol programmer makes it possible to define exactly which part of the ECG should be included in your final report. This way you will lower costs by saving paper, and that you will never miss any arrhythmia event.

As a manufacturer of ECG equipment we try to be as independent as possible with regard to exercise devices used. We sell the Cardio Control bicycle ergometers and Cardio Control treadmill, but we do also provide free communication drivers for a wide variety of other devices allowing you to keep using almost any ergometer or treadmill you already have. The same applies for automatic blood pressure measurement devices. We sell the Pressure Perfect motion tolerant non-invasive Blood Pressure system.

The Cardio Perfect ST-2001software will allow you to program up to 16.000 different workload protocols using a user-friendly protocol designer. Besides load and time parameters you can also include other parameters such as: patient weight, patient age, actual heart rate.

Especially for sports medicine we included the possibility to compare the on screen heart rate response curves from different tests of one patient if the work load protocol is the same.

No stress test system is as versatile as the Cardio Perfect.

Cardio Perfect ST-2001is part of the Cardio Control Workstation. This 32 bits Windows application is the third generation of our PC based stress test system, using the same database as the Cardio Perfect Resting ECG system and will run in a Windows 95/98/ME NT4/2000 environment.

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