Software AG Announces Enhancements to its XML Business Integration Products

06. Dezember 2005

Four products now support Process-Driven Integration and Service Oriented Architecture management

Software AG today announced enhancements to four XML Business Integration products: Enterprise Business Process Manager (EBPM), Enterprise Information Integrator (EII), Enterprise Service Integrator (ESI) and Enterprise Legacy Integrator (ELI). The products now better support Process-Driven Integration, Software AG’s approach to helping customers derive business value through implementing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Using these products in the context of Process-Driven Integration and SOA, organizations will be better equipped to respond more quickly and securely to customer requirements and changes in the business landscape.

The four XML Business Integration products are now being shipped with an embedded version of the recently-announced CentraSite SOA Repository, jointly developed by Fujitsu and Software AG ( CentraSite manages SOA metadata assets and enables maximum visibility and re-use of Web services components within and across organizations. CentraSite also provides reporting on those metadata assets and supports the sharing of the assets in the context of an SOA. Additional enhancements to Software AG’s XML Business Integration products include the following:

Enterprise Business Process Manager (EBPM)

With further enhancements to its process modeling and analytics capabilities, Enterprise Process Manager has expanded support for the whole life cycle of processes in an enterprise. The newest version provides business users with the option of reusing existing Visio diagrams and includes support for the Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN) standard. Enterprise Process Manager has an intuitive graphical interface and supports both the human and application-level interactions that drive companies’ business operations. Business process models can be stored and managed in CentraSite.

Enterprise Information Integrator (EII)

Now supports UDDI registration of the Web services generated by the product, as well as WS-I compliance, improved Web service and Adabas data source support. Software AG’s EII delivers unified business views from disparate systems tailored to users’ context and process requirements. Business views can be stored and managed in CentraSite.

Enterprise Service Integrator (ESI)

Software AG’s Enterprise Service Bus now includes BPEL support (to orchestrate business processes exposed as Web services), as well as improved support for SOAP and UDDI, and an automated schema/instance generator. Web services orchestrations can be stored and managed in CentraSite.

Enterprise Legacy Integrator (ELI)

Can now register Web services in CentraSite. Software AG’s ELI accesses valuable legacy assets at the data, transaction or session level, so that these legacy resources can be exposed as Web services and extended into SOA in support of improved business processes. In addition ELI now includes an Eclipse plug-in. This allows wrapping of Natural applications that can be used by Java applications directly from an Eclipse environment.

“Through Process-Driven Integration, our XML Business Integration products enable customers to use their entire SOA infrastructure to support their business processes, and to manage and change business processes quickly and safely,” said Dr. Peter Kuerpick, Member of the Board, XML Business Integration, Software AG.

Software AG , headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, provides a full range of products and services to deliver a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) IT infrastructure, based on over thirty-five years experience in high-performance databases, application development tools and integration technologies. Its technology offers process driven integration through legacy modernization and realtime single views of strategic business information. Software AG helps its customers to achieve a competitive advantage through flexible and adaptive business processes based on fast and easy integration of existing IT assets. It supports the mission-critical systems of over 3,000 customers globally. Software AG is represented in around 60 countries with more than 2,600 employees. It is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TecDAX, ISIN DE 0003304002 / SOW). In 2004 Software AG posted €411 million in total revenue.

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