EU Commission, Parliament and stakeholders join forces to upgrade cancer research in Europe

The huge investments made in cancer research across Europe to date are not yet bringing about results that everyone (and especially patients) is expecting. This is partly due to the fragmentation and duplication of research efforts within EU Member states and across Europe, and to the lack of consistency at European level. That is why the European Commission and the European Parliament are organising a conference to head „Towards greater coherence in European Cancer Research“. The aim is to help devise an overall EU strategy for cancer research by leveraging the opportunities offered by the Sixth EU Research Framework Programme (FP6 2002-2006) and rallying all actors concerned. Cancer research is a priority within FP6: up to EUR400 Million have been earmarked for it.

The Conference will allow for a broad range of cancer research stakeholders to present their point of view and make proposals to foster better co-operation and co-ordination in cancer research in Europe. These stakeholders include scientists, clinicians, patient groups, policy makers, representatives from national and European public and private cancer organisations, and industry.

Press programme:
* 10:00 – conference opens with an address from Mr Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament
* 12:00 – press briefing: recent advances of EU-funded cancer research
* 13:00 – press conference with EU Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin, Mr Wim Van Velzen, Member of the European Parliament, and Mr Paul Kleihues, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
* 13:30-14:30 – lunch with all participants
* 16:30 – conference ends with conclusions.

Key speakers and researchers will be available for interviews during the conference.

The full programme of the conference is available online at:

Background information on EU research activities is also available at:

The conference is open to the media, but you must register to access the building. For further information, please contact:
Fabio Fabbi
EU Commission
Press and Communication Directorate-General
Spokesman for Research & Development – Commissioner Philippe Busquin
Office: Breydel I, 6/126
B-1049 Brussels
tel. +32 2 296.41.74
GSM +32 (0)498 96.41.74

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