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Rhein Biotech GmbH

The Company

Rhein Biotech is a global vaccine-focused biotech company, which combines its patented platform technologies with conventional vaccine know-how to develop, produce and market prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. The German Rhein Biotech GmbH - the Technology Centre of the Group - is dedicated to the development of recombinant gene expression and full process technologies for the production of proteins especially active pharmaceutical ingredients.

With the recombinant Hansenula yeast expression system the Rhein Biotech Group became the third largest global producer of hepatitis B vaccines (Hepavax-Gene®). Hepavax-Gene® is the first registered pharmaceutical product derived from a methylotrophic yeast world-wide.

Rhein Biotech GmbH offers its Hansenula expression technology in collaborative projects and as in-house research license.

The Hansenula polymorpha expression technology has been developed, established (matured) and applied for patent at and by Rhein Biotech. Rhein Biotech GmbH is the sole provider for this patent protected yeast as in-house research license as well as for later commercialisation. The terms for possible commercial licenses are adapted to the licensees business. Exclusive manufacturing licenses are negotiable.

Rhein Biotech’s licensees can benefit from the following service offers:

  dedicated training enabling in-house research
  feasibility study at Rhein Biotech’s facilities
  lab scale development
  pilot non-GMP production
  transfer to clients GMP production site

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Rhein Biotech GmbH / Tel.: +49 (0)211 758 45-0 / Fax: +49 (0)211 785 45-130 / E-Mail:

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Rhein Biotech GmbH



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