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Max-Planck-Institut für Physiologische und Klinische Forschung

The Max-Planck-Institute for Physiological and Clinical Research was opened in 1931 as an Institute for Heart Research of the William-Kerckhoff-Foundation which had been established in 1929. William Kerckhoff was an American enterpreneur of German origin who visited Bad Nauheim as a patient until his death in 1929. His wife Luise Kerckhoff continued to support the Foundation and the building of the Institute itself. In 1951 it became part of the Max-Planck-Society. Today it consists of three departments: Physiology, Molecular Cell Biology and Experimental Cardiology. Currently there are 157 employees of which 22 are scientists of the regular staff and 41 postdoctural scientists or graduate/postgraduate students, including 13 scientists from abroad. 18 employees are supported by extramural funding. Given the problem of budget cuts within the Max-Planck-Society extramural funding has become an increasingly important factor in supporting basic and applied research at the Institute. Since 1992 the Kerckhoff-Clinic has become part of the Max-Planck-Institute. It consists of four departments: Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Anaestesiology and Haemostaseology. The directors of all departments constitute the Common Research Council which evaluates and funds clinical research and mutual research projects of the Clinic and the Institute.

Teaching is a necessary activity to gain and maintain contacts to the surrounding universities (Giessen, Marburg and Frankfurt). All directors and principal investigators are actively teaching in different faculties of these universities. Advanced courses for students take place in the Institute and both undergraduate and graduate work is being performed in the Departments. Many members participate in the Sonderforschungsbereiche (special local research programs of the German Research Foundation; DFG) established or to be established at the surrounding Universities. There are active departmental seminar series and a common Kerckhoff-Seminar (invited speakers from outside) and Wednesday-Colloquium (speakers from the Institute and Clinic). Members were busy organizing conferences and workshops as indicated separately in the departmental reports.

Members of the Institute received several professional appointments and awards. Of those listed in the departmental reports some may be highlighted here. Eckhart Simon was awarded the Honorary Membership of the Japanese Physiological Society in 1996. Michael Scheman of the Department of Physiology accepted the appointment of Professor of Animal Physiology (C3) at the University of Hannover in 1994. Ingrid Schmid of the Department of Physiology received the Adipositas Research Award 1996 from the German Adipositas Society. Jutta and Wolfgang Schaper both received the honorary doctorate degree from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland in 1995. In addition, they were both awarded the SPA Foundation Prize of the Belgian Reasearch Foundation in 1996. The Administrative Director received the Pfizer price for a Visiting Professorship of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Charleston, USA, in 1996.


Max-Planck-Institut für Physiologische und Klinische Forschung
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