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XanTec bioanalytics GmbH

Who we are

XanTec bioanalytics is a globally operating team of biosensor specialists. Our headquarters and research center are based in Muenster, the hub of the nano-biotech industry in germany. Another branch is located in Hong Kong, our gateway to the emerging markets in South-East Asia.

Intensive R&D and co-operations with renowned commercial and scientific institutions triggered the development of powerful research tools - designed from scientists for the need of scientists. We strive to provide our customers with personalized solutions conditioned to obtain optimal experimental results. A lean structure and an efficient organization enable us to react quickly to meet the changing market demands.

What we do

XanTec bioanalytics is centred round two main product groups: SPR biosensor technology and nanometer biocoatings which are used to modify the biophysical properties of plastic, glass and metal surfaces.

On the score of SPR biosensors we develop sensor technology, explore new applications, perform feasibility studies for our customers and provide distributors and end-users with world-wide application advice. For specific needs we produce tailor-made sensor surfaces and synthesize bioconjugates.

In line with biosensor application research, we focus on the development of new sensor surfaces. Fresh surface products are continually in the pipeline, and every few months, we add several new coatings to our surface programme. Offering the largest sensor surface suite in the marketplace, we provide our customers with custom-made surfaces for almost every experimental need.

With our wide range of surface products, we offer solutions to modify a wealth of materials with biomolecule monolayers. The uses are broad. For instance, we produce a choice of over 100 different coatings for glass waveguides of ASI grating couplers.


XanTec bioanalytics GmbH
48149 Münster
Tel: 0251 - 9876948
Fax: 0251 - 9876949



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