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NanOp is the national network for the application of lateral nanostructures, nano-analytical techniques, and optoelectronics comprising large, medium size and small companies, national institutes for applied and fundamental research and universities. Its work is based on a coherent management strategy. The network unites nationally and internationally leading and well-recognized groups from various parts of Germany in the three above mentioned fields and the Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, lead by Nobel price winner Zh. Alferov. It has a clearly defined profile and one goal: to speed up research in and development of nanotechnologies for radically new proprietary NanOp products, components and systems based on these components. Large synergy effects created by intense cooperation and know-how transfer will develop into an economic competitive edge.

Rapidly increasing markets are anticipated for both NanOp devices and systems within a 5 - 10 year period in quite different areas including

  • consumer products (laser TV, illumination, displays),
  • computers and communications (data storage, data links, optical interconnects, telecommunication) and
  • measurement and environmental monitoring techniques (gas sensing, contamination control).

Important increases in markets are also expected in the areas of equipment suppliers for nanotechnologies. Nano-optoelectronics will thus at the same time create many new jobs and conserve many present ones, being strongly endangered if no timely introduction of nanotechnologies in the field ofoptoelectronics is initiated. It is the pretension of the NanOp Consortium to use its technological leadership for creating innovative products in selected areas of particularly large economic growth. The Center focuses on one specific field of applications of lateral nanostructures to ascertain maximum synergy effects and coherence and to trigger the appearance of NanOp products on the market already in the time frame of this project.





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