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International University in Germany

IU - The University

The International University in Germany has two schools, the School of Information Technology and the School of Business Administration, and a Department of Sciences and the Liberal Arts. The main focus of all programs is information technology and its successful management in a globalised market. All programs, therefore, comprise three components in different variations and accentuation: information technology, management, cultural studies and languages.

The following programs are offered:

MICT – Master of Information and Communication Technology

This Master of Science program is designed to familiarize its graduates with the methods of obtaining, processing, presenting, transmitting, and utilizing information essential for business in an economy organized around the worldwide computer network.

MBA – Master of Business Administration

This Master of Business Administration is designed for those seeking managerial positions with multinational, high-tech corporations whose principal products and services depend upon information and telecommunication technologies.

B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science
BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and the Bachelor of Business Administration with specialization in International Management are internationally recognized primary academic degrees that qualify graduates for the job market.

The bachelors programs are highly interdisciplinary and will enable students either to start their career by working with a company or joining a master’s program.


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