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Variom Biotechnology AG

About Variom Biotechnology

Genetic information encoded in nucleic acids influences almost all aspects of life.

To expand the existing information base and translate genetic information into useful knowledge, powerful nucleic acid analysis systems are taking a central role in medicine and research.

Variom Biotechnology AG is a fast growing, venture-backed biotechnology company that develops and manufactures novel nucleic acid-based test systems for research and diagnostic applications. We are located in Berlin, Germany, and currently employ 12 people.

Technologies and Expertise

At Variom Biotechnology AG we are integrating novel platform technologies and extensive expertise in molecular biology to develop powerful tools for the diagnostic and research markets. Our areas of expertise are:

Derivatization of non-porous plastics with nucleic acids
Binding nucleic acids, especially oligonucleotides, to solid phases is a key technology for the development of sample preparation systems and molecular diagnostics. Technologies established at Variom offer advantages over current methods in versatility, scalability, biocompatibility and binding capacity.

Hybridization control
Parallelized hybridization-based assays of target nucleic acids with sensor probes require exquisite specificity and signal uniformity. Novel sensor probe systems developed at Variom offer superior mismatch discrimination and higher signal uniformity, all at reduced costs.

Chip Technologies
Most populations and organisms show excessive inter- and intragenic variation. Similarly, spatial and temporal expression patterns are highly variable. To be adequately monitored, this large number of loci require miniaturized and parallelized assay systems. Variom Biotechnology intends, together with cooperation partners, to develop next-generation biochip systems that are simpler to produce, easier to use, cost-effective and suitable for routine diagnostic applications.

Systems integration
Assay systems to be used in diagnostic settings require a high degree of systems integration to be user-friendly, marketable and robust. We claim to possess a large body of professional experience pertaining to all aspects of systems integration in molecular diagnostics, ranging from expertise in genetics and genomics, to stability considerations and modular interchange of multitudes of components.


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Variom Biotechnology AG