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The Joint Research Centre offers new Research Fellowships


In order to increase and reinforce the European Commission’s scientific capacity in all of its areas of involvement in the Research and Technological Development Framework Programmes, and to encourage young scientists to enhance their experience in an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is launching a call for interest for PhD and Post-Doctoral fellowships.

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The minimum duration of the grants is six months and the maximum is three years for PhD and two years for Post-Doctoral fellowships.

In the case of PhD grants, applicants must be in possession of a university degree and for post-doctoral grants they must hold a PhD, or have at least four years full-time research experience at post-graduate level other than doctoral studies. It is envisaged that contracts will be signed on or before December 31, 2002.

The call is open to young scientists, not older than 35 years of age, from EU Member States, or those states associated to the European Community Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development and to the Euratom Framework Programme for Research and Training Activities, or residing in the Community for at least five years.

The required scientific profiles and deadlines for application can be found on the Institutes’ web pages. Please, follow the links below to obtain detailed information for the different Institutes. Note that there may not always be an open call for each Institute.

Please carefully read full candidate’s and project’s eligibility criteria for grants before applying. All eligibility criteria must be fulfilled at the date of reference (deadline for applications). Candidates must complete and sign the application form and send it by post within the date (as shown by the postmark) specified by the Institute to the Institute contact point responsible for the area of activity in question. Only applications using this form can be accepted. You can download the application form (download: pdf, Word). Applications are only valid for one specific call. You may not refer to documents or applications submitted previously. None of the papers in the application file will be returned.

The Commission is an equal opportunities employer and particularly welcomes applications from women.

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Im Focus: 'Nanochains' could increase battery capacity, cut charging time

How long the battery of your phone or computer lasts depends on how many lithium ions can be stored in the battery's negative electrode material. If the battery runs out of these ions, it can't generate an electrical current to run a device and ultimately fails.

Materials with a higher lithium ion storage capacity are either too heavy or the wrong shape to replace graphite, the electrode material currently used in...

Im Focus: Nervenzellen feuern Hirntumorzellen zum Wachstum an

Heidelberger Wissenschaftler und Ärzte beschreiben aktuell im Fachjournal „Nature“, wie Nervenzellen des Gehirns mit aggressiven Glioblastomen in Verbindung treten und so das Tumorwachstum fördern / Mechanismus der Tumor-Aktivierung liefert Ansatzpunkte für klinische Studien

Nervenzellen geben ihre Signale über Synapsen – feine Zellausläufer mit Kontaktknöpfchen, die der nächsten Nervenzelle aufliegen – untereinander weiter....

Im Focus: Stevens team closes in on 'holy grail' of room temperature quantum computing chips

Photons interact on chip-based system with unprecedented efficiency

To process information, photons must interact. However, these tiny packets of light want nothing to do with each other, each passing by without altering the...

Im Focus: Happy hour für die zeitaufgelöste Kristallographie

Ein Forschungsteam vom Max-Planck-Institut für Struktur und Dynamik der Materie (MPSD), der Universität Hamburg und dem European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) hat eine neue Methode entwickelt, um Biomoleküle bei der Arbeit zu beobachten. Sie macht es bedeutend einfacher, enzymatische Reaktionen auszulösen, da hierzu ein Cocktail aus kleinen Flüssigkeitsmengen und Proteinkristallen angewandt wird. Ab dem Zeitpunkt des Mischens werden die Proteinstrukturen in definierten Abständen bestimmt. Mit der dadurch entstehenden Zeitraffersequenz können nun die Bewegungen der biologischen Moleküle abgebildet werden.

Die Funktionen von Biomolekülen werden nicht nur durch ihre molekularen Strukturen, sondern auch durch deren Veränderungen bestimmt. Mittels der...

Im Focus: Happy hour for time-resolved crystallography

Researchers from the Department of Atomically Resolved Dynamics of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPSD) at the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science in Hamburg, the University of Hamburg and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) outstation in the city have developed a new method to watch biomolecules at work. This method dramatically simplifies starting enzymatic reactions by mixing a cocktail of small amounts of liquids with protein crystals. Determination of the protein structures at different times after mixing can be assembled into a time-lapse sequence that shows the molecular foundations of biology.

The functions of biomolecules are determined by their motions and structural changes. Yet it is a formidable challenge to understand these dynamic motions.

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